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Telefax: 3161771




27th March 2007

You are invited to a workshop on writing art criticism. 

The workshop dates: 16th – 18th April 2007.

Venue: Thapong Visual Arts Centre

Time: 830 

The workshop fee: P100. per person.

Facilitator: Ingrid Stevens

Senior Lecture at Tshwane University of Technology (her cv is attached)

See the attached information.

Contact Thapong Office for more information.






This aim of workshop is to introduce participants to both the reading and the writing of art criticism, in order to encourage the development of art criticism in
Botswana. The discipline of art criticism can make a vital contribution to the broader development of fine arts in any society. Participants are envisaged as people involved in either visual arts or in writing. So artists, teachers and journalists, as well as interested members of the public, can participate.

DAY 1: 09H00-12H30 

A theoretical introduction to art criticism will be given, in the form of a lecture. This will include:

  • A definition of art criticism
  • A brief history of art criticism
  • An in-depth lecture on methods used by art critics.

Because 3 hours are rather a long time to listen to a speaker, I suggest a break for tea from 10h30 to 11h00.
Readings: Notes: Art criticism                   Article: Art criticism in
Home work: Writing a piece of art criticism 

DAY 2: 09H00-12H30 

Group discussion of readings from Day 1.Lecture on different approaches to art criticism: formalist; feminist; Marxist; post-colonial; psychoanalytic.Group work: Critical discussion of an artwork.
Readings: one example of each of the above kinds of critical writing.Homework: Reworking the written piece in the light of the day’s discussions. 

Evening lecture (optional, open to the public) Multiculturalism and art 

DAY 3: 09H00-12H30 

Reading of extracts from participant’s critical readings and writings. Group discussion.Participants will hand in their final critical pieces. Comments on these will be posted to participants after the workshop. 




INGRID ELISE STEVENS                          CURRICULUM VITAE _____________________________________________________________ 



Born:                           4 October 1952,
ID number:                  520104 0018 087Address:                     

100 Wenning Street

, Groenkloof,
Pretoria, 0181
Telephone:                  012 – 3460271 (H), 012 – 3826135 (W), Fax: 012 – 3826159e-mail:                

Home language:         EnglishOther languages:        Afrikaans, French 

I have experience with making art, teaching fine and applied arts, supervision of senior students, researching and writing critically about all fields of art, including ceramics, jewellery, painting and glass. I have knowledge of a wide range of practical and theoretical issues in the fields of contemporary fine arts, art criticism, art theory and crafts. I am involved in numerous research and administrative-managerial activities, as well as community service in the crafts and education sector. I am computer literate. 

My major tasks as senior lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology have been, after the national introduction of the B Tech Fine Arts degree in 1995, to curriculate and implement the degree in our department. I teach most of the theory component of this qualification, am course leader for the practical component and do most of the supervision of fourth year research papers. Subsequent to the successful implementation of this qualification, I have worked to implement the M Tech Fine Arts degree, which has involved writing policy, setting up structures, student recruitment and doing most of the supervision of both the practical and theoretical components of this advanced qualification.



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